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Palm Rejection Technology - Precision Design

The iPad stylus Pen is built for immaculate precision, making it ideal for composing notes, drawing, messing around, marking documents and more on your iOS device. Designed to sit impeccably in your grasp and is ideal for everyday use with Palm Rejection Technology for the most natural Pen to paper feel for writing or drawing. The iPad Stylus tip is also designed with a 4096-pressure sensitivity for the highest level of control a mouse cannot provide.

Premium Build Quality

The Alogic iPad Pen is crafted from high quality materials and designed to guarantee a longer lifespan from daily wear and tear. The iPad stylus tip is also removable and can be replaced with a 1.5mm Pen tip.

Magnetic Attachment

The iPad stylus can attach magnetically to the side of your iPad Pro with satisfactory magnetism (Only supports 11-inch iPad Pro and 12.9-inch iPad pro [third generation], does not support wireless charging.)

  • Compatible with all iPads released in 2018 and later, iOS Version 12.2 or above
Feature List:
  • Accurate and precise stylus Pen with up to 4096 level of pressure sensitivity | Compatible with iPad 2018 and later | Instant Plug and play without any requirement to download any software or hardware | Replaceable 1.5mm Pen Tip | Supports Tilt function to draw shadows and magnetically snap onto the side of your iPad perfectly (Only support 11inch iPad Pro and 12.9 Inch iPad Pro (3rd gen or later)

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